Dr Prajwal Tuladhar can provide a full skin examination to assess any spots or lesions on the skin. Using imaging technology, suspicious lesions can be photographed and recorded for accurate monitoring and follow-up.

Majority of skin cancers can be treated at the clinic by surgery, or anti-cancer cream. However, in larger and complex cases, referral to dermatologists, or plastic surgeons may be required.

How is the skin check done ?

Dr Prajwal Tuladhar can check the skin from head to toe, looking for any suspicious lesions. Normally you will be asked to undress down to underwear for a skin check. During the skin check Dr Prajwal with use a hand -held magnification device called dermatoscope to assess individual lesions. If a biopsy or surgical excision is required, follow-up visit will be needed.

How long does it take ?

We book 20 mins appointment for skin checks.

What is the fee ?

$155.00 with a Medicare rebate processed on the day.

About Skin cancer

Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world. More than 11,500 Australian men and women are diagnosed with a melanoma each year, and an estimated 434,000 people are treated for one or more non-melanoma1 skin cancers. Skin cancer accounts for over 80% of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia each year.

Skin cancer occurs when skin cells are damaged, for example, by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

There are three main types of skin cancer:

Skin cancer symptoms

Look for:

  • any crusty, non-healing sores
  • small lumps that are red, pale or pearly in colour
  • new spots, freckles or any moles changing in colour, thickness or shape over a period of weeks to months.

It is important to check your skin regularly and check with your doctor if you notice any changes.

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